Horizon – The Rising Sun

‘Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow’ – APJ Abdul Kalam Samitha Pathania has echoed the above quote through her mystical and enchanting collection of poetries depicting

What Success Is Looking In To You – Manish Kumar

When we think of the skills and qualities we need to acquire which could navigate us on the path of success, we unquestionably think of hard work and determination. What

Writing Style or Style in Writing!

Does writing style or style in writing mean the same? Well, that’s something to think about. Writing Style is the way of writing by every specific author. Every writer chooses


‘We are born lovers’ is a memoir by Mahek Valecha depicting how childhood forms the base of an individual’s personality. She has very scientifically described some amazing and unique life

Collection of 5 Short Stories

The Collection of 5 Short Stories by Arjun Kakru is an assortment of his vivid imaginations and distinctive intellect. He has not just displayed his unique writing style and out

Five Gifts that changed my life

This is a book which can get you nostalgic and take you back in the memory lanes of the mischiefs, innocence and little joys of childhood days. ‘Five Gifts that


Life on Track is a philosophical doze on self-development and productive changes we need in today’s monotonous and hectic life. It talks about some life changing lessons and habits which

Believe Your Story

A young beautiful boy and his friends fight against an evil dark man who is also a wizard or a magician and aims to get immortal. This wicked man can

Career Accelerator Formula

Career Accelerator is an empowering Formula shared by Deepa Chandrasekaran who strongly believes that every individual can be a ‘leader’ provided they discover and build on their innate qualities and

The Courage to love

Love is the best feeling that can happen to anyone. Roshan Horo has painted the various angels and shadows of this erupting emotion felt by almost every one. Love has

Have a Story Sketch in Mind – Make an Outline

“It’s the first blank page of the 365 page book you are to begin. Write a mind-blowing one”. Writing a book can be tough but this can be handled by

Storyize Your Message

The title ‘Storyize your Message’ is descriptive enough to denote the crux of the book that storyizing the message or sharing stories can be the most effective way to convey

His Encounter with Love

Emotions are the biggest drive and core of human life which not only decides but also drives every action and choice we make. Atanu Sinha has exhibited very realistic and

Schedule Time to Write – And Actually Write!

“Nobody has the time to write a book, some people just do it anyhow” – Sharyn Mccrumb Writing a book may be a dream and desire to many of us;

Secrets of Happy Contented and Cheerful Life

JP Singh has attempted to strike the right chord in his masterpiece ‘Secrets of Happy Contented and Cheerful Life’. A harmonious, pleasant and treat to the readers this book proposes

Fitness & Sports with Kettlebells

‘Fitness and Sports with Kettle Bells’ is a strongly recommended read for those looking to get involved in this thriving scientific sport. Parag Mhetre who is a Strength & Conditioning

How to Create The Characters

“Some of the most influential people in our lives are the characters we meet in books” – David McCullough One of the most critical and starting point of writing a

I hope we meet again

Defining the deepest significance of love, pain and separation ‘I Hope we meet again’ brings in a strong and meaningful lesson to everyone in love. The author Archana Abhishek has

From Rural To Digital

‘From Rural to Digital’ is a memoir shared by Mr. Palaniswamy on his life experiences, struggles, learning’s and development. This book is an empowering and touching story on how he

Carve Your Success

Vishal Trivedi has brilliantly identified the needs and challenges faced by the Apparel Business owners and have collated a comprehensive and strategic guidebook to enable and empower all the upcoming

We are Salesman

“We are Salesman” is an amazing reference book for the sales community looking to improvise their sales fundamentals. Rana Roy has explained the selling concepts, laws and methodologies with crisp,

Book Writing Tips

Writing is an extreme privilege only a few leverage. It is well said by Beverly Clearly “If you don’t find the book you want on the shelf, write it”. To

Choose your Writing Goal!

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world. Every time you open a book a little magic falls out” Books are read widely for a lot of reasons. It is